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Beautiful balmy record-setting temperatures continue for Ontario and Quebec

Sunday, November 8th 2020, 8:55 pm - The prolonged period of November warmth sent temperature records tumbling Friday and Saturday, with the chance of more falling before the stretch of mild weather concludes.

Usually November is filled with overcast skies, chilly temperatures and sometimes one or two snowstorms in Ontario and Quebec. It’s usually enough to send people into hibernation from this point forward, lasting through the winter season. While the month has just began, so far that is not the case in this part of Eastern Canada.

The current temperatures in the aforementioned provinces make it feel like it is still late September or early October, which is something to celebrate in a year that has been filled with turmoil and uncertainty.

"It's the November warmth that just keeps going and going and going," says Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. "And it will potentially set long-standing temperature records."

The above-seasonal warmth surged into southern Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday, marking the beginning of an extended period of spectacular fall weather that will persist well into next week. This sent temperature records tumbling Friday and Saturday, and there's still the chance of more falling before the stretch of warm weather concludes.


Temperatures for the next few days will continue be quite pleasant, with daytime highs soaring into the upper-teens, even approaching or hitting 20°C in the remaining days of this surge of warmth.


At Toronto's Pearson International Airport, the last time November saw seven days in a row that hit 15°C was back in 1938.

"I think it's almost a lock that we'll get seven consecutive days above 15°C this year, and I'm even leaning closer to eight, which would make it an all-time record for the city," Hamilton says.


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The prior warm streak in Montreal, Quebec was four consecutive days of 15°C set back in November 2008. This year, the stretch of warmth is almost a guarantee of six days straight.

On top of that, the city hit 20 degrees on Thursday -- the first time that has occurred in November in 45 years. Montreal reached a daytime high of 20.5°C. The last time that happened was on November 7, 1975. An all-time monthly record, which dates back to 1948, is also at risk of being broken.


Those in the north will also enjoy the spoils of the warmth, as daytime highs will extend all the way to up to James Bay, with areas such as Moosonee having a good shot at reaching the mid-teens early in the week.

But those daytime highs, while mild, are likely to fall just shy of breaking an all-time November record of 18.9°C set back on November 3, 1938.



Along with the exceptionally warm temperatures will be an abundance of sunshine, helping to defy the November reputation of being an overall gloomy and tough month to get through.

On average, over 480 hours of cloud cover is typically reported at Toronto's Pearson airport during the month of November, landing the third spot for the cloudiest month next to December and January.

So, consider this healthy dose of sunshine on tap a rarity for the month as a whole.

Toronto CloudCover

The dry spell could also come to an end this week, with a cold front set to track across the region Wednesday with the potential for a period of showers. While next weekend will be colder than what is expected for this weekend, it will still be above seasonal.

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