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Nova Scotia’s first package-free grocery store achieves B Corp Certification

Monday, November 22nd 2021, 2:59 pm - A certified B Corp takes stock in its employees, the local community, and the environment to redefine success in business.

Local store owner Kate Pepler has said becoming a B Corp has always been a goal of hers since founding the Tare Shop, a package-free grocery store in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"It's a really great way, as a consumer, to have proof and prove that the business you're supporting or the products that you're buying are held to the highest global standard,” Pepler told The Weather Network.

Pepler’s Tare Shop was certified by B Lab, a leader in “economic systems change” according to their website.

“Unfortunately, there's a ton of greenwashing, which is products or services that claim to be more sustainable than they are, and what I really love about B Corp is it's not just about environmental sustainability, it also takes into account social and community sustainability," she added.

Certified B Corp businesses are identified as corporations that meet verified standards and pay particular attention to how they use their profits for good. For example, B Corps aim for “positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment,” according to B Lab.

Watch the video above to take a tour of The Tare Shop and learn more about B Corp businesses.

Thumbnail credit: Nathan Coleman

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