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Severe thunderstorm threat spreads into northwestern Ontario for Thursday

Thursday, September 16th 2021, 10:09 am - Strong storms are possible in the evening hours for Ontario's northwest, with rotating storms not out of the question.

After late season storms have taken a toll across parts of southern Ontario, it's now northwestern Ontario's turn for some severe thunderstorms Thursday. The greatest storm threat is through the late afternoon and evening hours, with the risk for powerful winds and large hail. Rotating storms however, aren't out of the question either, so you'll want to keep a close eye on the weather forecast and alerts as the day wears on. More on the timing and impacts, below.


After early morning rumbles of thunder, a more severe thunderstorm risk looms across parts of northwestern Ontario later Thursday afternoon and evening.

Those storms that do form will encounter a fair bit of shear, caused by the distance between upper-level winds – which in this case will be usheredd in by the jet stream in a southeastern direction – and surface-level winds, which will be coming in from the south.

That means storms that do form have a chance of some rotation, but in any case, people that do receive severe thunderstorms Thursday should prepare for strong winds and large hail.

NWON storms


After those storms exit the region, forecasters see a warming trend last through the weekend – particularly on Sunday, which will be very warm – continuing through early next week.

In terms of active weather, there's some potential for a significant fall storm early to mid next week. Not only will that bring some rain, but also a chance of some snow for the far northwest, due to a sharp temperature divide that will have set up by that time.

Check back as we continue to monitor the forecast.

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