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Ninth tornado confirmed in Ontario after powerful September 7th storms

Saturday, September 25th 2021, 5:32 pm - Ontario has had 33 confirmed tornadoes so far in 2021, almost three times the historical average.

The wicked summer storms that rocked parts of southern Ontario on September 7th produced several tornadoes, with the official tally now up to nine.

Researchers from the Western University-based Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) confirmed the tornado Saturday, after investigating the site in the wake of the storms.

The newly-confirmed tornado occurred in Kuhryville, around midway between Listowel and Stratford, around 5:35 p.m. and did some damage to crops and weak damage to some trees. The NTP estimated its maximum wind speeds at 115 km/h, classifying it as EF-0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. No injuries were reported.

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The September 7th storms were wide-ranging, with multiple damages reported along with now nine tornadoes, scattered from the shores of Lake Huron to the outskirts of Vaughan. The tally includes two EF-2 tornadoes, in the Kingsbridge and Lucknow area, and in the Harriston and Kenilworth area.

Ontario as a whole had a very stormy summer in terms of severe weather, as well as sheer number of tornadoes.

Out of a total of 78 confirmed tornadoes across Canada in 2021, Ontario has been the site of 33, including 14 EF-2s.

Among those was an EF-2 tornado produced during a series of storms in mid-July that struck part of Barrie, severely damaging dozens of homes and sending several people to hospital.

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