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Atlantic: What to expect from the next system to strike the region

Saturday, January 25th 2020, 7:39 pm - Rain, snow and freezing rain are all on the menu from this latest January storm, though its impacts will be somewhat limited by above-seasonal temperatures.

A new system is set to roll through the Maritimes on Sunday, and Newfoundland by the overnight, bringing rain, snow and freezing rain for some areas, depending on elevation and temperature. While this won't be anything like last weekend's monster storm, it may still cause travel woes and localized flooding, particularly for parts of Newfoundland that received extreme accumulations a week ago. What to expect, below.


  • System begins impacting the Maritimes by Sunday morning, reaching Newfoundland overnight into Monday
  • Best chance for freezing rain is in central New Brunswick, rain elsewhere in the Maritimes
  • Newfoundland sees snow for the north, rain in the south, including the Avalon
  • Stay up-to-date on the ALERTS in your area


This new system will be ramping up its effects in the Maritimes by Sunday morning, spreading to cover the region through the day.

Temperatures Sunday will be such that for the most part, it will manifest as rain across the region, heaviest in Nova Scotia -- though that means some 10-20 mm in practice, largely confined to the southwest, rather than seriously damaging deluges.

ATL Rain

The rain will, however, largely be falling on still somewhat frozen ground, so don't rule out the chance of limited localized flooding.

In New Brunswick, however, temperatures will be a little cooler than in Nova Scotia, so the system may begin as a few hours of freezing rain, with the best chance mostly from the Fredericton area northward up to Miramichi. Travellers should be wary.

ATL ice

As the day wears on, however, freezing rain should switch over to rain, while the system itself is set to reach Newfoundland in the overnight hours.


Newfoundland has the greatest chance of seeing snow from this event, but nothing like the extreme totals of last week's monster storm.

Presently, snow looks confined to more northern parts of the island, with moderate amounts up to 20 cm likely for the Northern Peninsula.

For most of the south, including the Avalon Peninsula, rain will be in the cards, though with some chance of freezing rain for central areas, if briefly.

NL precip

Rainfall amounts will be moderate, but people should still be on their guard; They'll be falling on a great deal of accumulated snow which, combined with covered catchbasins and slightly above-zero temperatures, could produce enough melting for localized flooding.

In the Maritimes, wraparound snow from the low will bring some periods of flurries or light snow here and there, reaching Newfoundland by Tuesday morning.

Check back as we continue to monitor this system.

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