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New to the East Coast? Here’s how to prepare for hurricane season

Friday, June 24th 2022, 4:22 pm - Hurricane preparedness is serious business. Here’s how you can get ready to keep your family safe from this season’s brewing storms.


Hurricane season is upon us, and it’s crucial to prepare in advance so you’re ready for whatever comes your way over the next few months.

Folks from across the country and around the world are flocking to Nova Scotia in record numbers. The influx of newcomers to the East Coast exposes residents to new hazards they may not have dealt with before.

Getting ready for an approaching tropical storm or hurricane takes more than grabbing an armful of storm chips and keeping an eye on the news.

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There are a whole host of serious issues that can arise during and after a storm, including storm damage, extended power outages, and even easy-to-forget issues like perishable food storage and running out of prescription medications.

The Weather Network’s Nathan Coleman spoke to one resident who just made the move from Toronto who wasn’t sure where to begin in terms of preparing for hurricane season.

Watch the video above to see Nathan break down the basics of hurricane preparedness.

Thumbnail courtesy of NOAA.

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