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New state of emergency in B.C. sparked by ongoing drought

Monday, November 14th 2022, 3:40 pm - Prolonged dry conditions have led to severe drought in parts of B.C.

People in Vancouver - or ‘Raincouver’ as it's often called - usually don’t look forward to the rainy season - unless they are in a Level 4 drought.

The sunshine coast is yet again dealing with a water shortage supply. That's following a dry summer and fall, coupled with a chilly November that transitioned the region from drought straight into snowfall in a matter of weeks.

As a result, the Sunshine Coast Regional District is seeking an extension on its state of local emergency due to the uncertainty of their water supply in the coming months. This was announced in early November in a statement.

Chapman Lake, the main water reservoir in the area, usually has a greater chance to recharge from summer into winter, but this year was different.

Into the long range, snowfall is expected to ease along the west coast, and we can only hope for more rainfall in the forecast.

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