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'Stay ready': Monitoring the Saint John basin spring flood risk

Monday, March 1st 2021, 9:45 am - There are a number of variables that can result in devastating flooding in New Brunswick. The Weather Network's Nathan Coleman has details on what Spring 2021 could have in store.

It’s important to be prepared.

That’s the message Geoffrey Downey of the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization has for residents as we head into spring and prepare for potential flooding.

New Brunswick's annual River Watch Program, which starts in early March, helps people stay prepared by monitoring water levels along the Saint John River. And even though there are currently no signs of a significant flood risk this spring, Downey says people should still remain vigilant.

Watch the video above to find out more on how and why you should prepare.

Visit our Complete Guide to Spring 2021 for an in-depth look at the Spring Forecast, tips to plan for it and much more!

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