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Nature's art: Check out these snow rollers

Wednesday, February 12th 2020, 4:32 pm - Learn about this rare winter phenomenon here.

Pat Murray of Enfield, Nova Scotia was treated to a rare winter phenomenon earlier this week -- and uploaded a photo of it to

As you can see in the photo below, the snow collected in "bales," creating anomaly is what meteorologists refer to as "snow rollers."

UGC - car snow roller

"It's super rare for all the ingredients needed to produce snow rolls to come together. Of course strong enough winds are needed to physically roll the snow," says Weather Network meteorologist Kevin MacKay.

"The snow itself has to be dry enough to be pushed by the wind, but moist enough to stick together."

Temperatures also need to be slightly above the freezing mark.

Snow rollers have been known to occur in open fields and locations with sun and shade where snow density can vary.

Experts say the rollers are the "cold-weather equivalent of tumbleweeds" -- and they're most likely to occur in the countryside.

Here are some more photos, courtesy of you.

34665852 UGC - snow roller Tina Be, North Bay, Ontario

34629950 - UGC - snow roller Jenny Joe, Coburg, Ontario

34629954 source Jenny Joe, Coburg, Ontario

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