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Isolated thunderstorms with heavy rain across the Prairies on Thursday

Wednesday, July 1st 2020, 9:04 pm - The warm temperatures and humidity will make it feel scorching hot in eastern regions of the Prairies while conditions in Alberta will be closer to seasonal.

The risk of thunderstorms will stretch across the Prairies on Thursday with the potential for thunderstorms to bring heavy rainfall, strong wind gusts and small hail. The temperature divide continues with Calgary and Edmonton feeling like 20 degrees while the humidity makes it feel like the mid 30s in Saskatchewan and 40 degrees in Winnipeg. See below for more details.

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  • Widespread thunderstorm risk on Thursday
  • Remaining hot in Manitoba, temperatures begin to recover in Alberta
  • Keep on top of ALERTS in your area


Temperatures will climb and parts of Alberta will finally see a break from the precipitation on Thursday.

The upper level low pressure system that has brought significant active weather to Alberta will begin shifting eastward and some northwestern regions will see local accumulations up to 90 mm by Thursday evening.

The risk of thunderstorms shifts to central parts of the Prairies, with the highest severe risk in central parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Beyond, the Prairies will likely remain in a stormy pattern lasting into the weekend, with more rain and unsettled conditions for northern and central Alberta and thunderstorms for the eastern Prairies.

Check back for updates as the forecast evolves.

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