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Meet the culprit behind the ultimate radar photo-bomb

Monday, February 17th 2020, 5:43 pm - These unidentified flying objects were quickly identified by meteorologists.

A peculiar artifact appeared on the radar at the National Weather Service office in Key West, Florida on February 17.

The weather conditions at the time were quite banal; the temperatures hovered in the mid-20's with a light breeze out of the northeast. What caused the radar to light up?


The radar artifact extended nearly 1000 metres above sea level. This altitude and analysis of the artifact on radar suggest that Key West is in the direct path of a migratory bird route, one of many across North America.


There's no way to determine the exact species that cross the region, as there are over 100 different species of birds traversing North America.


You might be surprised at the amount of non-meteorological stuff that ends up being captured by weather radar. Most recently, during the hysteria of the Super Bowl celebrations in Kansas City, enough fireworks were set up to trigger artifacts on the radar.

Last June, delicate ladybugs were captured on the move across California, completing the migration from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the lower valleys of the state. Bats, butterflies, mayflies, and even forest fire smoke can seemingly fill an empty radar scan.

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Which biological feature will make a surprise appearance next?

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