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World-famous park offering 'inheritance' annual pass that won't work until 2172

Tuesday, April 5th 2022, 3:15 pm - The pass can be acquired for a $1,500 donation.

Officials at Yellowstone National Park in the western United States are working to ensure future generations will get to enjoy the area's pristine views and diverse wildlife.

One recent initiative to further that goal is an inheritance pass which can be purchased for a $1,500 donation.

Inheritance pass holders will be granted general entry to the park for a year. The only catch is it won't work until 2172 - a century and a half into the future.

“It is our way of celebrating 150 years of Yellowstone national park and to help preserve the park for the next 150 years,” Lisa Diekmann, president and CEO of Yellowstone Forever, said via the The Billings Gazette.

The Yellowstone website says the donation will be put towards "preservation efforts for the next 150 years" including projects that protect wildlife and preserve resources.

People who purchase the pass won't be completely left out of the fun: participants will also recieve an annual pass valid in the year 2022.

Yellowstone spans more than 800,000 hectares and is home to countless unique features, including active geyers, hot springs, and the Grand Canyon. About 4 million people visit the park annually.

Thumbnail: File photo:Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography/Getty Images

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