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Knit the sky: 'Temperature scarf' goes viral

Monday, February 3rd 2020, 5:20 pm - Check the temperature and knit accordingly. It's as easy as that.

From big, fluffy clouds to thunderous storms, knitters have been capturing it all and turning it into wearable art.

The concept is simple: Every day, participants knit a stripe in a scarf in a colour that matches the temperature at the given time.

There are numerous patterns online. Users can also follow along on social media under hashtags like #WeatherScarf and #temperaturescarf.

The trend recently went viral when Twitter user Josie George of the UK posted a scarf she started working on at the beginning of the year.

The trend was also popular in 2012 when more than 1,000 knitters from more than 20 countries signed up to participate in the project and they're posting their progress in a Conceptual Knitters Pool on Flickr.

The combinations are endless.

Here are a few more temperature scarves currently circulating social media

Thumbnail image courtey: Pixabay.

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