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Temperatures set to soar, but with the risk of damaging winds for Ontario

Thursday, December 9th 2021, 10:00 am - An incoming system, ramping up Friday night, will be a mostly rain event, thanks to surging temperatures, but rising winds on Saturday could be damaging.

December's chill is set to crumble before an incoming system that's set to send temperatures surging above zero Friday, and into the mid teens Saturday, putting records at risk. It will be accompanied by showers, but as it departs Saturday, the winds will pick up to damaging levels. More details on timing, impacts below.

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For those not quite ready to embrace the winter chill, the coming weekend will have something to look forward to.

A system originating from deep within the U.S. will soon approach the region, with its first impacts being felt Friday night, lasting overnight through to Saturday evening.

Windstorm effects

What will be remarkable about this moisture-laden system is the fact that it will be accompanied by some very warm temperatures, already rising above zero by Friday, and crossing into the teens through Saturday – sitting very firmly above-seasonal values.

If this warmup unfolds as predicted, many locations across southern Ontario are on track to experience their warmest December 11 on record.

Temperature records

With temperatures that warm, this system's prodigious moisture is destined to fall almost entirely as rain, taking down some of the modest snow piles from this past week's systems.

Some 15-25 mm is possible over almost all of southern Ontario, though parts of the Ottawa Valley into Quebec may experience a period of freezing rain.

ON Rain

But the sting in the tail will be some very strong winds on the back side of the system, rising through the day Saturday and peaking in the evening.

Parts of the province will see maximum gusts exceed 80 km/h, and possibly close to 100 km/h for areas near the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario – not a day to be putting up your Christmas lights and, indeed, once the winds subside, checking your property for damage will be advisable.

ON wind

Early next week will bring more feels of late fall, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures that will be about 5 to 10 degrees above seasonal.

"Temperatures will be even warmer mid to late week, but we will also see more wind and some rain is likely as well," says Dr. Doug Gillham, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

Check back as we continue to monitor the approach of this significant system.

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