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Wicked Tuesday thunderstorms down trees, take out power in southern Ontario

Wednesday, June 30th 2021, 6:09 am - The day's continuing humidity helped fuel some very severe thunderstorms, with warnings reaching deep into the GTA, including Toronto itself.

The atmosphere above southern Ontario was primed with the kind of intense humidity that makes for some potent storms – and when they began sparking up on Tuesday afternoon and evening, that potential delivered.

The storms triggered severe thunderstorm warnings over much of the southwest and GTA, including rainfall warnings in anticipation of "training" storms, which are storms that pass over the same areas one after the other in quick succession, amplifying the rainfall that might fall.

As it was, by the early afternoon, there were numerous reports of power outages and downed trees. As for rain, reports of localized flooding were also widespread, with travel difficult on some roads and some basements flooded – with the chance of more storms continuing overnight.

Below is a look at some of what the skies delivered to the province Tuesday.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Greg

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