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In photos: A blustering B.C. brings fallen trees, power lines, and trampolines

Wednesday, October 14th 2020, 4:00 pm - Winds up to 100 km/h swept through B.C. on Tuesday, this is what they took down on their destructive path.

A strong low-pressure system made its way across British Columbia Tuesday, bringing intense winds. The winds peaked strength throughout Tuesday afternoon and into the evening.

Winds were clocked in at 70-90 km/h for southern Vancouver Island and 50-70 km/h for areas of Metro Vancouver nearest the coast, diminishing further inland.

BC maximum

The damaging winds caused trees and power lines to fall and even caused a trampoline to fly across a yard. At the storm's peak, some 175,000 customers were without power, though B.C. Hydro crews had reduced the number of outages to below 8,000 by the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Below is a selection of social media shots of the storm's impact.

And a nice little respite:

Thumbnail courtesy of Nick E. via Facebook

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