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This winter phenomena creates a spectacular scene

Thursday, December 5th 2019, 12:20 pm - Point of Viewer is an ongoing Weather Network feature where we explore Canada through your photos and videos. Check back often for new videos and scroll down to see how you can get involved.

It's a common winter scene: Tree branches, power lines and fences coated in ice and snow.

These picturesque displays are often the result of ice rime and hoarfrost, winter phenomena that occur in very specific conditions.

2174157 Michelle Young Western Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador March 9, 2010 Michelle Young, Western Bay, NL

28577202 Scott Lummer Edmonton, Alta January 24, 2017 Scott Lummer, Edmonton, Alta

"Ice rime forms on cold days or nights when atmospheric conditions are calm and an abundance of moisture must be in place," she explains.

"This can cause water droplets to freeze on surfaces, creating needle-like structures."

21255318 Jeff WIzniak Saskatoon, SK December 31, 2014 Jeff Wizniak, Saskatoon, Sask

24784688 Carole-Anne Oikawa Lethbridge, Alta January 9, 2018 Carole-Anne Oikawa, Lethbridge, Alta

The accumulation of ice and snow is beautiful, but it can weigh down branches and powerlines, causing damage.

Multiple days of fog and freezing fog on the central Prairies in early December 2018 resulted in more than 30,000 calls from Saskatchewan residents, reporting power outages.

28739088 Anglea Lynn Hodge Bowden, Alta December 6, 2016 Angela Lynn Hodge, Bowden, Alta

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