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Ice bathers claim the frigid plunge holds numerous health benefits

Monday, February 8th 2021, 3:11 pm - Would you take a dip in frigid water?

Winter is cold as it is when you venture outside with a hat, coat, and mittens.

And then we have viewers who up the ante by jumping into frigid waters.

The cold water plunge - its a unique way to energize your immune system and boost concentration.

"Jumping in cold water will actually give you a big rush of adrenaline," Marianne Trotier of the Nordic Spa-Nature in Chelsea, Quebec says.

"And this is really good to restart to activate your immune system."

Many ice bathers are following the Wim Hof method. It claims that cold stimulates the body and can result in many health benefits like an improved immune response.

Marianne says other benefits include a reduction of stress and tension in the muscles while improving memory and mental alterness.

But, this practice is not for everyone, particularly, individuals with underlying heart conditions. And it's something you should practice in a group, so you can keep an eye on one another.


  • Heart health: People with underlying heart issues should not participate in this activity.
  • Safety: Make sure there is something to hold onto and that you can get in and out of the water easily. Have people around you as well, doing this alone is not recommended.
  • Timing: Some people only want a quick in and out, that is fine. For maximum benefits, experts suggest 10 minutes and no longer than fifteen.
  • Warming up: It's important to have warm muscles before you jump in, so exercise beforehand. Also, warming up afterward is essential. Have a plan with warm and dry clothes.
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