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Here's how to safely co-exist with coyotes this spring

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 12:52 pm - An experts shares tips on how to stay safe in the presence of coyotes.

Springtime means baby time for many animals, and if you've been seeing coyotes lurking around residential spaces you can rest assured that's not out of the ordinary.

Linda Dent, an education officer with City of Mississauga Animals Services says her office has logged about 300 sightings since the start of January, slightly less than the average 100 sightings received each month.

But just because it's uncommon, doesn't mean you should disregard coyotes. They're typically non-confrontational animals, but they do tend to be more protective of their pups in the spring.

Watch the video for tips on how to safely co-exist with coyotes this spring.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Magdha Ehlers/Pexels

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