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Welcome to the jungle, cyclists

Monday, July 12th 2021, 5:07 am - Waterproofing will be essential for cyclists this week across the GTA.

It's far from ideal. You're going to hear the s-word several times this week. You'll look at our weekly outlook and your app and be annoyed - but there will be breaks. I'm going to patch together a forecast that'll make sure you're able to get out for several hours this week to cycle. For those that commute by back, waterproofing will be essential.


  • For sure, the coldest day of the week - with highs stuck in the low 20s. The day will feature a stiff easterly wind of 30 km/h
  • Any sunny break is a gift, so enjoy it
  • Late morning we'll get a few hours of dry weather - so check the radar and head out for a ride


  • Meet the humidity. A warm front has lifted north – we push into an unstable air mass
  • An early ride (earlier than 7 am) might be the right play here before showers and thunderstorms migrate across the area later in the morning
  • I'm optimistic for a drier afternoon because storms might split and target north of the GTA and the Niagara Peninsula
  • Wind becoming southerly, 20-40 km/h through the afternoon
  • Highs in the mid-20s and humidex in the mid-30s



  • Possible passing showers and thunderstorms, with hope for late-day clearing and sunshine developing
  • Winds gusting up to 30 km/h out of the southwest
  • Highs in the upper 20s and humidex mid-30s



  • Fingers crossed for a drier day! A possible late-day thunderstorm towards the southwest
  • Highs in the upper 20s with humidex once again sticky in the mid-30s
  • Winds generally light and out of the south



  • A couple of rounds of showers and thunderstorms, and remaining muggy - there will be several hours of rain-free time along with a few hours of sun
  • Winds out of the southwest at 20-40 km/h
  • Broken record, highs in the upper 20s with humidex in the mid-30s
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