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5 ways you can help restore our planet from home this Earth Day

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Monday, April 19th 2021, 6:00 am - The world is coming together to shine a light on restoring our planet for Earth Day 2021. Taking part will be fun and beneficial to the planet we all call home.

On April 22, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries around the globe will participate in Earth Day. This year's theme is “Restore Our Earth”. If that sounds like a big task, it's because it is! The focus is on natural resources, restoring ecosystems and thinking green when it comes to new innovative technology.

As Canadians face another Earth Day during the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to share some activities you can enjoy at home in order to restore our planet!


Pollinators are essential to the growth of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's known that one out of three mouthfuls of food that we eat is delivered to us by a pollinator. One way we can help restore Earth is by helping this population grow strong.

Getty Images: bee pollinating on flower Credit: Getty Images

Consider adding things like milkweed to your backyard garden. This highly benefits the monarch butterfly population. Sunflowers are also an excellent option as their height draws in the pollinators. And think colour — bees have good colour vision and will be drawn to your blooming garden.

Lowering your use of pesticides will also help any pollinator thrive. The more pollinators we have the more locally grown foods we can all enjoy.


With 20% of the world’s freshwater, many Canadians believe our water supply is unlimited. However, less than half of this water — about 7% of the global supply — is renewable.

Having an effective way to clean and wash dishes will go a long way when thinking about water conservation. Finish® has designed its dishwasher tabs to provide the Ultimate Clean & Shine to your dishes without having to pre-rinse them before you put them in the dishwasher. Skipping the pre-rinse can save households up to 75 litres/load.

GETTY IMAGES: Dish washer full of dishes, water consumption Credit: Getty Images


Large group litter clean-ups are a popular Earth Day event. While these won't be organized in 2021 that doesn't mean you can’t plan your own! Every single piece of litter counts.

Get your household together and pick an area that you want to clean. Everyone should wear gloves and have a trash bag. If you have a litter picker that’s even better!

Getty Images: Picking up litter, garbage, recycle helps earth on Earth Day Credit: Getty Images

When people litter even something as small as a cigarette butt, it has the potential of getting washed into our waterways. That cigarette then dissolves into microplastics and sadly can never be cleaned from the water. Committing to a clean-up not only benefits your region but helps in the long term for rivers, lakes and oceans to thrive.

If you are a runner you should look into plogging! This new trend combines picking up trash and going for a run. It's a unique way to restore our planet and get in a workout.


Planting a tree and watching it grow will be fun for any family. Take the time to research what will work best for your area by considering sunlight, soil, and rainfall.

Make the tree special by naming it or incorporating it into a family tradition like an annual photo! A tree that blooms, like a magnolia, can signal to your family that it’s time for that spring picture. Plus the flowers are great for the bees!

Getty Images: Planting a tree, spring gardening Credit: Getty Images

Planting a tree sounds simple, but this tree will contribute so much to your neighbourhood, like oxygen for starters! Trees are also excellent for soaking up rainwater which can greatly help your property during a storm. And think about the new habitat for birds, squirrels and bugs!


Upcycling means you are taking something that is likely no longer of use and turning it into a new product. This saves you from buying new and helps to eliminate waste!

As we spend more time at home, Canadians will want to revamp their patios and backyards so we can enjoy all the brilliant sunshine. Instead of buying new things like plant pots and lanterns, think of ways you can create them with materials you already have.

For example, old glass jars that were likely going into the recycling will make amazing lanterns. All you need is some paint and a candle to go on the inside. Get creative and let your inner artist shine as you paint the outside of the glass. This is a fun activity that will sparkle on your patio!

Getty Images: Upcycle, painting glass to turn into lantern good way to recycle Credit: Getty Images

Have an old colander you barely ever use? This will work very well for anything you want to plant this season. The structure works perfectly for draining. Tin cans and muffin tins also work great for sprouting your plants before you put them into the garden.

Restoring our planet is possible and you can have lots of family fun along the way. While Earth Day is just one day of the year it’s important to think about restoring our planet every day. If everyone practices just one of these simple steps the impact has the potential to be huge.

Remember restoring Earth is not just a good idea — it’s really a necessity!

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