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Family rescues frozen fawn from snow storm

Friday, March 1st 2019, 4:27 pm - The family rescued the fawn after they watched it collapse outside of their home.

A family rescued a little deer who almost froze to death at their door during a snowstorm in Brussels, Wisconsin on February 24.

Penny Paye Price said the young buck approached her home and looked through a window at her family before collapsing.

He was rescued and brought inside for warmth. The family named him Giannis and fed him water, corn and apple sauce.

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“I, of course, had to run out and carry him in as my family watched with disbelief,” Price said on a Facebook post.

“We’ve got him covered with warm towels and giving him water. Not sure what’s going to come of this."

A staff member from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has since taken Giannis into their care.

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According to animal experts, deer are susceptible to becoming weak and ill during cold winters due to lower fat stores than adults.


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