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Overcrowding, traffic jams on Mount Everest leads to deaths

Friday, May 24th 2019, 2:20 pm - Three Indian climbers and one Nepali guide died on Mount Everest in the past couple of days, taking to seven the total number killed or missing on the world’s highest mountain in this year’s climbing season, Nepali officials said on Friday.

Three more climbers and a Nepali guide have died on Mount Everest.

It brings the death toll to seven in this year's climbing season, according to Nepali officials on Friday (24 May).

A total of 17 climbers, seven of them Indian, have died or are missing on different Himalayan peaks in Nepal since the start of the climbing season in March.

More than 120 climbers scaled the world's highest mountain on Thursday (23 May).

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But some mountaineers were caught in a jam of people on the slopes, which Nepali officials said caused exhaustion, dehydration, and in some cases death.

Nepal has issued permits to 379 climbers on Mount Everest in the season, which ends this month.

Hiking officials say between five and ten climbers die on Mount Everest in an average climbing year.

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An expedition operator told the media too many permits were issued this season and the clear weather led several groups to push for the summit at the same time.


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