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Electric vehicles are growing in popularity in Atlantic Canada

Monday, February 22nd 2021, 12:38 pm - Many Canadian car dealerships are seeing a growing interest in electric vehicles and a dealership in Nova Scotia says the momentum has really picked up in the past two years.

Electric vehicles (EV) are an increasingly popular option amongst Canadian drivers, but the amount of EVs on the road, and how many are available for purchase, differs province to province.

I met up with Jeremie Bernardin at ALL EV Canada's, which is his car dealership in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia that sells pre-owned EVs. Bernardin explained that larger provinces, such as Quebec, have about 100,000 EV's on the road compared to Nova Scotia's 500. However, he says momentum has been building in the past two years and more and more people are exploring EVs as their next car purchase.

One of the main reasons that motorists are attracted to EVs is because of the long term savings on fuel and maintenance, since an electric motor has many less moving parts compared to a gasoline engine.

"In total, there's less than 25 moving parts in this whole setup whereas a gasoline set up would have 8000 moving parts,” Bernardin says.

"There's been an enormous transformation over the last few years in terms of how far the cars can go, how fast they can charge, and also the charging network in Atlantic Canada has grown tremendously."

I was lucky enough to take out one of these EVs for a ride, check out the video above to see how it went (spoiler alert: changing lanes on “self drive mode” is involved).

*Thumbnail credit: Cavan Images. Cavan. Getty Images. *

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