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Escaping the Cold? Here are 3 spots you are not thinking about!

In partnership with EF Go Ahead Tours Canada

Tuesday, February 4th 2020, 10:40 am - Shivering, shovelling and maybe searching for an escape?

Canadians have had their fair share of winter! People in St.Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, are now proud owners of a new single-day snowfall record at 76 cm. By mid-January, Toronto had already seen 126% of its average winter snowfall. And for people on the Prairies, the "Polar-Vortex" clearly overstayed its welcome!

UGC: St. John's Newfoundland snowbank Credit: Barry James St.Johns, NL

Most would agree it’s time to crank up the heat.

EF Go Ahead Tours wants to show Canadians the warmer side of winter with these three under the radar destinations!


This hilltop town on the east coast of Sicily is the perfect location for an Italian adventure.

As you enjoy this location during the off-season, you’ll notice it’s less expensive and not as crowded! President of EF Go Ahead Tours, Heidi Durflinger tell us, “we explored this area in the winter and it gave our group the opportunity to sit on the patio of Bar Vitelli [which is a bar where The Godfather was filmed] while we drank cappuccino and enjoyed cannolis with the sun shining down. It’s a gorgeous time of year with perfect temperatures – all you need is a light jacket!”

Average highs are about 14-16° C through February and March. December and January are typically the rainiest months and the pattern becomes drier as the summer approaches.

Another secret about this region in the winter is the incredible harvest!

“Blood oranges are in season and there are trucks filled with them lining the streets," explains Durflinger. "I had the most amazing fennel, caper and blood orange salad I’ve ever tasted.”

Also, the Italian breeze in Sicily has no windchill during this time of year!

Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours


Spain is still sunny through the winter months and heading here during the winter is the secret to quiet museums and a smaller budget! You’ll definitely experience the warm side of winter, as February and March highs are usually about 18-20° C.

EF GO TRAVEL: Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours

While exploring Seville you’ll want to see La Giralda Bell Tower or the military watch-tower called Torre del Oro - all perfect to check out while on foot! Comfortable temperatures make the experience much more enjoyable.

Durflinger says, “One of the highlights in this area is the visit outside of Seville to a local olive farm for a tour of the olive groves, mill and cellar. This is followed by a sample of their orange infused olive oil over chocolate gelato with sea salt. A really special and unique way to experience olive oil.”

Seville is certain to warm you up via sunshine or amazing cuisine!


Galway, Ireland, is picturesque and perfect for a winter escape.

“Picture Irish hospitality with lively music, Irish Coffee and cozy fireplaces at local pubs,” says Durflinger. “This is a lovely time of year with a special light in the sky.”

Ireland does experience some cooler temperatures in the winter, and yes, bring a rain jacket or umbrella. However, Galway has an average high around 8-10° C through February and March - still beating most Canadian cities!

Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours Credit: EF Go Ahead Tours

Walking through Galway is one of the best ways to take your time and absorb this wonderful coastal town. You won’t need a winter parka as you explore but layers are a good idea.

Travellers to Ireland enjoy the vast landscapes this country has to offer. In Galway, you can see one of the shortest rivers in Europe, River Corrib, as it spills into the Atlantic Ocean. As you explore Galway during the quiet season you’ll find fewer lineups and ample room for capturing the perfect shot.

Food and drink tours are also abundant in this waterfront town, which is an awesome way to warm up and keep cozy.

Need another reason to visit Galway? It was recently named “European Capital of Culture 2020”! This should particularly be an interesting year to visit.

Spice up this year's winter escape with these unique suggestions! EF Go Ahead Tours provides itinerary for all locations so you can maximize your time as you warm up outside of Canada.

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