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Dolphin spotted swimming in Ida floodwaters

Wednesday, September 1st 2021, 3:41 pm - The dolphin's dorsal fin can be seen several times as it swims through the residential area.

Floodwaters are dangerous for many reasons. It can be contaminated with chemicals, sewage, or harbouring dangerous pieces of equipment, including sharp objects.

Earlier this week a Lousiana man went missing and is presumed dead following a horrifying encounter with an alligator while wading through waters near his home in Slidell in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

And then there's this story, also out of Slidell.

Amanda Huling and her family were heading back to their home to inspect storm damage earlier this week when - to their surprise - they spotted a dolphin swimming in a residential area. Its dorsal fin pops up several times in the video Huling shot, CNN reports.

Ida made landfall in southeastern Louisiana as a Category 4 hurricane Sunday, with maximum winds of 240 kilometres per hour. The ensuing wind damage, devastating storm surge, and torrential rain left behind widespread damage.

More than a million buildings lost power, with floodwaters remaining high in some areas. Damage assessments are ongoing. At the time of this writing, there has been at least two death reports and nearly 200 rescues performed.

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