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Caught on camera: Dog almost swept away by large bird

Tuesday, February 19th 2019, 1:33 pm - The owner of a small dog in Nevada, Las Vegas is warning people to keep a close eye on their pets after her dog was almost grabbed by a large bird believed to be a hawk.

It started out as a typical Friday evening, with Cecilia Celis making dinner in her kitchen.

"We were inside making tacos and we hear her crying," she told CNN.

At first, she thought her dog was just playing.

"And a second later I just look outside," she said.

"We see a huge bird like the wing like fly up. So I run up and I yell at the bird, I'm like: 'Get off my dog! Get off!'"

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Her two-pound Yorkie had been grabbed by the talons of a large bird and it was trying to fly away with its catch.

Celis grabbed a pillow and ran outside. She struck the bird three times before it released the dog.

The dog suffered punctures in the attack but it is recovering.

A CNN affiliate contacted the local owner of a missing hawk that fits the description of the bird caught on camera but at the time of this writing, they had not heard back.


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