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Dangerous winds take down a transport truck in southern Alberta

Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 4:30 am - Wind gusts over 100 km/h were enough to take down a transport truck in extreme southern Alberta on Tuesday.

Tuesday proved to be a dangerous day on the roads across extreme southern Alberta, as powerful winds blasted through the region, even strong enough to tip over large transport trucks.

"One of the main things we've been talking about in terms of impact with these powerful downslope winds in far southwest Alberta, is the potential for big rigs to tip over in the strong cross winds," said Weather Network reporter Kyle Brittain, who watched a truck literally fight to stay upright on Tuesday afternoon.

Ultimately, the truck toppled over right in front of his car along Highway 2.


"The angle of Highway 2 where I am standing here south of Granum, Alberta is such that these westerly winds are completely a cross wind, they're perpendicular to the road, so these trucks can definitely tip over," Brittain said on the scene.

Though shaken up, fortunately the sole occupant of the truck was unharmed from the accident, as police officials confirmed. Tuesday's incident however, was still a good reminder to all drivers of the dangers that can occur along that stretch of highway in the area.

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Wind warnings covered the region for most of the day on Tuesday, with peak gusts expected to exceed 100 km/h in parts of southern Alberta. In Claresholm, close to where the truck tipped on Tuesday afternoon, wind gusts over 90 km/h were reported there.

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There is also the potential for more damaging and widespread winds with the next incoming system on Wednesday, combined with a swath of moderate snow, which could make for additional travel concerns that stretch east into Saskatchewan as well.

Thumbnail courtesy of Kyle Brittain.

Be sure to check back for the latest updates on the mid-week potent clipper.

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