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Croatia rocked by its strongest earthquake in 140 years

Sunday, March 22nd 2020, 11:12 am - Most powerful earthquake to hit the country in 140 years killed at least one person, causing significant damage

Croatia's capital city of Zagreb was shaken by the country's strongest earthquake in 140 years, leaving at least one person dead, damaging numerous buildings and cutting off electricity.

The 5.4-magnitude tremor struck 9.2 kilometres north of the city Sunday morning local time and had a depth of 10 kilometres, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Following the quake, there has been at least one strong aftershock, which registered a magnitude of 4.6.



It was reported that a male teenager died after a roof collapsed on him in Zagreb. A nearby hospital confirmed the death.

"We received a report of the collapse of the building at Djordjiceva 13. An ambulance team took to the field and found a seriously injured child who showed no signs of life," said Zarko Rasic, director of the Zagreb Institute of Emergency Medicine, through a local media outlet.

Images and videos of the earthquake's aftermath were shared on Twitter, showing debris from damaged buildings covering the streets. Some vehicles were also nearly completely destroyed. A local news agency reported that there are power outages, as well.

The iconic Zagreb Cathedral also incurred damage, with the part of one of the spires broken off completely. In 1880, the cathedral was severely damaged after a significant earthquake shook the city.

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"This was the strongest earthquake in Zagreb in the last 140 years, but there is no need to panic and go to gas stations in large numbers," government officials said on Twitter. "Regardless of the situation, we emphasize once again the importance of keeping a distance and following the instructions to combat #COVID ー 19!"

Zagreb's airport was briefly evacuated shortly after the earthquake, but it didn't suffer any infrastructure damage and the facility is now operating on a normal schedule.

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