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Photographer captures stunning—and heartbreaking—views on Vancouver Island

Tuesday, December 7th 2021, 11:00 am - Candid Closeup is a weekly segment that features Canadians from coast to coast who love to share their weather. In this episode, The Weather Network's Kim MacDonald had the opportunity to speak with photographer, TJ Watt, whose work capturing before-and-after shots in clear-cut forests earned him international recognition.

TJ Watt grew up in a home surrounded by tall trees that would creak and sway whenever a big storm hit Vancouver Island. Perhaps that was how his passion for trees took root.

Now, Watt is a world renowned nature and conservation photographer who is fighting against the clear-cutting of ancient trees that dot the British Columbia landscape.

In this episode of Candid Closeup, we showcase the photos that grabbed global attention and helped earn Watt the new Trebek Initiative grant, which is a collaborative partnership with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society of Canada and the National Geographic Society, named for Alex Trebek.

The before-and-after photos of thousand year old trees becoming massive stumps are astounding and heartbreaking, but they are also a catalyst for positive change.

TJ Watt: Clearcut of old-growth trees in B.C. (Candid Closeup) (TJ Watt/Provided)

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