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Catching bird intruders in your home? Keep them out with your CDs

Tuesday, April 19th 2022, 8:51 pm - The Weather Network reporter Nathan Coleman shows you how to prevent problem birds from getting into your home...with your outdated music collection!

You may not listen to your CD collection anymore, with streaming services the go-to medium for music for many people, but it can still be useful in other ways.

If you've ever had nuisance birds enter your vents to nest, you will know how quickly things can run afoul, leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

There are a few ideas that can remedy the situation, but one you may not ever think about is using your CDs. How so? They produce a powerful reflection in daylight, something that birds just don't like.

Watch the video above to see how The Weather Network reporter Nathan Coleman uses CDs to keep problematic birds from entering the house.

With files from Nathan Coleman.

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