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Catching a cold when it's cold outside isn't how it works

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Tuesday, October 12th 2021, 9:36 am - Allow us to debunk some myths around the common cold

Whether it's sniffles, sore throat or a non-stop cough, we’ve found a few things that you may not know about the common cold.

A Single Cold Virus Can Spread 16 Million Offspring a Day: When you are sick you are spreading thousands of droplets every time you cough or sneeze. The virus inside your body is contagious to others through these droplets. Producing 16 million a day is very possible for the average person.

Chicken Soup Actually Helps: Chicken soup is good for many things, including the common cold. This soup is doing more for your body than providing comfort. The proteins in the soup can help you recover and the warm liquid helps to break up mucus in the body.

You are Contagious Before You Even Know You Are Sick: Yes, you can spread the cold virus before you experience the symptoms! When someone has an active virus they are contagious 24 hours before they even experience symptoms.

You Cannot Get a Cold From Being Cold: Physically being cold, experiencing big temperature swings in the weather or going outside with wet hair are some common ways people “think” they can get sick. All of them are not true. You will catch a cold from a virus not from weather conditions.

Vitamin C Will Not Prevent a Cold: Multiple studies have shown that taking vitamin C tablets will not decrease your chances of getting a cold. However, when you are sick, it is recommended to eat foods high in vitamin C in order to help speed up the process of clearing the virus.

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