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Capturing the beauty of Cape Breton and its residents through photography

Tuesday, June 8th 2021, 2:46 pm - Candid Closeup is a weekly segment that features Canadians from coast to coast who love to share their weather. In this episode, The Weather Network's Kim MacDonald heads to Cape Breton to take in all the beauty this unique Canadian island has to offer.

From Mabou to the Mira River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has no shortage of inspiration for photographers like Francis MacDonald. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Francis admits to being bias about his beautiful corner of the world no matter what the weather.

In this episode of Candid Closeup, Kim MacDonald realizes that there is likely no better place to have your car break down, either. You'll enjoy this story even more with a cup of tea, and if you are in Cape Breton, the kettle is likely already on.

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