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Canada's North gets a healthy taste of winter, blizzard to hit Nunavut

Monday, November 22nd 2021, 5:20 pm - Nunavut will see a wintry wallop this week, with an intense storm bringing blizzard conditions and upwards of 25-30 cm of snow through Wednesday.

Many places in Canada are seeing a sneak preview of winter this week, including in parts of the North, where blizzard, snowfall and winter storm warnings are in place.

A significant low-pressure system that developed over northern Quebec Monday will stall in Foxe Basin and deliver a wintry wallop to Nunavut through mid-week. Some areas could see upwards of 25-30 cm of snow through Wednesday.


Blizzard conditions and/or intense winds gusting in excess of 90 km/h will be possible for some locales starting Monday overnight. The resulting potent northerly winds and snow will create blizzard, and whiteout conditions, so travel is not recommended.

Conditions will improve Wednesday morning when the winds begin to taper off.

Watch the video above to get the full forecast details on the impending blizzard in Nunvavut.

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