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Can mosquitoes and ticks spread COVID-19?

Tuesday, May 25th 2021, 3:01 pm - An expert has some good news.

As the temperatures get warmer and bugs start to make an appearance, many Canadians are concerned about the transmission of coronavirus through bites.

While there are some viruses that mosquitoes and other insects can carry and transmit, experts say coronavirus isn't one of them.

According to Scott Weese, an infectious disease specialist at Ontario Veterinary College, mosquitoes are a non-issue as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

“This is mainly a respiratory virus,” he says.

“But even if a mosquito ingests this virus ... it has to go through their digestive tract. In order for them to pass on the virus, it has to move through their body and through their salivary glands so they can put it into the next person they bite. And most viruses don't do that."


And Weese also has good news about one of Canada’s most worrisome insects: ticks.

“The virus would have to get into the tick's body and live there for quite a long time because ticks don't bite someone quickly. They usually have their meal and then feed again at the next stage in their life cycle which may be the next year."

But even in light of this positive news, make sure you are always protecting yourself from both mosquitoes and ticks all summer long by avoiding infested areas, covering up when outside, and using a bug repellant.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Pixabay.

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