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Below-seasonal temperatures for the Prairies, storm risk for Alberta

Monday, August 10th 2020, 8:00 pm - Storm risks for across Alberta, severe-storm risk for the foothills.

A deepening upper trough over Northern British Columbia will start to bring a trough over Southern British Columbia and Alberta on Tuesday. This will trigger showers and thunderstorms across Alberta, including enhanced storms along the foothills. Gulf moisture streaming up through the Dakotas will accompany temps reaching 30°. A developing cold front will battle this southerly flow through Wednesday as it treks east across the Prairies. Alberta will continue a below-seasonal week, before a possible, and brief, warmup on the weekend. A closer look, below.


  • Risk of storms throughout areas of Alberta, especially the foothills
  • Cool week ahead for Alberta, daytime highs in the upper teens for man
  • Cooler weekend for the eastern Prairies, possible warmup for Alberta
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Alberta's temperatures continue below-seasonal, with daytime highs mostly in the upper teens through the rest of the week. Even the south, while remaining warmer than the rest of the province, will be down from its early-week peak.

Elsewhere, the region looks about seasonal, with the exception of southeastern Manitoba, where "feels like" values will still be well in the 20s by the end of the week following a mid-week surge of warmth.

As for the storms, the majority of south-western Alberta and parts of eastern British Columbia could see action. Severe-storms could occur for areas around Alberta's foothills. Severe-storm risks could include large hail and strong wind gusts. Some of the storms could rotate which leads to a small tornado threat as well.

Alberta risk

Beyond, Wednesday sees storm risk shift eastward, to southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and further into Manitoba on Thursday, with some potential for unsettled conditions on Friday as well.

Temperature-wise, the weekend sees cooler conditions for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but Alberta looks in line for a brief warmup.

Check back as we continue to update the forecast.

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