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Blue-green algae, harmful to people and pets, returns to Atlantic coastline

Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 10:00 am - Blue green algae season returns to the Atlantic coastline this summer. Here are the precautions you and your family should take if you spot it.

The province of Nova Scotia has begun a new campaign this year to raise awareness about how to spot blue-green algae and what to do if you encounter it this summer.

Its website displays a list of lakes updated with reported sightings of algal blooms, but they're not officially confirmed.

Last year, Halifax residents received an emergency alert after two dogs died and one person went to the hospital after an "unknown issue" was linked to the water in Grand Lake.

There was an algal bloom, but water samples analyzed by the Department of Environment and Climate Change were negative.

The list of lakes with reported sightings this year continues to fluctuate.

If you see blue-green algae, keep your dogs and children away from it. Swimming near it can give you rashes, headaches, and stomach aches.

And always be cautious about getting drinking water from a surface supply.

The first reports of blue-green algae in Nova Scotia were recorded back in 2005.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Getty Images/Canva Pro.

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