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Blame the jet stream: Where in the world is the summer heat?

Wednesday, June 8th 2022, 8:03 pm - Spoiler alert: You either have to travel far north or far south.

Summer heat is on a temporary hiatus across much of Canada this week, but that's not the case across pockets of North America.

Spoiler alert: You either have to travel far north or far south.

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The Northern Territories: Interior sections of Canada's Northwest Territories can bake in warmer temperatures this time of year. The amount of solar energy is comparable to lower latitudes like Windsor, Ont., and is roughly 90 per cent of the solar heating of these lower latitudes. The over 19 hours of sunshine nearly offsets the lower sun angle across the North.

In fact, over the next seven days, it's one of the more extreme temperature anomalies in the Northern Hemisphere. As an omega block develops, a large-scale stationary weather pattern and a trough anchors over British Columbia, along with unsettled weather over the Great Lakes. You'll find the persistent warmth sandwiched between the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Moreover, on Wednesday and Thursday, don't be surprised to hear the national hot spot is somewhere in Northern Canada.

The U.S.: Sizzling temperatures are taking shape across the southwestern U.S., including the California valleys, southern Nevada, and much of Arizona. Consequently, there will be a jump in heat-related illnesses as the heat builds and expands this week. The antecedent drought conditions are a worry, as extreme drought plagues much of the region. Some daily temperature records may fall.


Keep in mind some of the highest reliably measured temperatures on Earth have been in this heat epicentre in recent years, such as the 54.4°C measure at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, on July 9, 2021 and Aug. 16, 2020.


The warmest temperatures reported around the planet fall, unsurprisingly, in the Middle East. But, over the past couple of days, it has soared to new global heights for 2022.


Take Jahra, Kuwait, where on June 5, the mercury reached a dangerously high 51.2°C, and the following day it exceeded 52°C -- making that the warmest temperature on the planet this year.

Just over a year ago, parts of British Columbia came within a couple of degrees of these values, with Lytton reaching 49.6°C.

The lack of extreme heat across Canada is a blessing. The heat event in British Columbia claimed 619 lives across the province, forcing an overhaul of the current response system for future extreme heat events.


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