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Biggar grass fire now controlled by volunteer firefighters

Friday, April 26th 2019, 10:20 am - Large grass fire started Monday, burned roughly 1500 hectares of land

A large grass fire that burned for four days in the countryside near Biggar has finally been brought under control.

The fire, which started Monday, has burned about 1500 hectares of land near the community. Fire crews worked tirelessly to contain the fire and keep flames away from farmyards.

"Can't be more proud of our volunteer firefighters, farmers, provincial support, and community members for the amazing depth of support during this wildfire," read the Town of Biggar's Facebook page.

Officials say there are still some hotspots burning in the middle of the fire, along with the eastern edge of the burned area.

The public is still being asked to stay away from the area as fire personnel are still working to monitor the situation.

The town of Biggar is no longer at risk from the fire and air quality is not expected to be seriously hindered by smoke.

No farm buildings are believed to have been damaged, although a cross-country ski chalet and nature preserve was seriously damaged by the flames.

The town and rural municipality of Biggar declared a state of emergency early Tuesday morning after thick smoke filled the area. The Biggar and District Health Centre sent eight acute-care patients and 53 long-term care residents out of the community as a precaution.

Dry conditions continue to plague much of south and central Saskatchewan. As of Wednesday morning, 115 rural municipalities had declared an outdoor fire ban, as well as 23 towns and villages.

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