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Beaver dam causes property to flood, home to sink

Tuesday, September 28th 2021, 3:30 pm - It has been an ongoing problem, Berggren says.

Dave Berggren of Old Lyme, Connecticut says his property is more marsh than lawn after beavers constructed a dam on a nearby pond, causing water to back up onto the lawn of his waterfront home.

It has been inundated with water as a result, he tells News 10, and his home is sinking and has suffered structural damage. Pulling out the branches in the dam doesn't appear to help, as the beavers simply rebuild.

It's been an ongoing battle for years, Berggren says.

Berggren says he has reached out to the city for help but so far, the situation hasn't been rectified.

Though once nearly driven to extinction by the fur trade, beaver populations are healthy in the U.S., totalling upwards of 10 million individuals. It can be difficult to remove beavers once they've decided on a place to build their dams.

According to the Humane Society, dismantling a dam will only encourage them to rebuild, and trapping and relocating the occupants will only make room for another group of beavers to move in.

Thumbnail image courtesy: Andrew Patrick/Pexels

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