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Vancouver's growing beetle problem: How you can help

Monday, July 8th 2019, 4:38 pm - Once they get a hold of a tree, there's no stopping them.

The Japanese beetle was first spotted in downtown Vancouver in 2017 -- and have since spread across the city, devouring nearly every type of plant in sight.

The beetle's munch on more than 250 varieties of plants -- ranging from rose bushes to blueberry trees.

Since the beetle was discovered, the City of Vancouver along with the province and the federal government have worked together on measures to prevent its spread.

Along with sprays and traps, the city has also set up temporary transfer stations for landscapers and residents to drop off any green waste. Officials hope this will prevent beetles from hitchhiking from tree to tree -- finding their way outside of the control zone.

Despite these efforts, city officials say more needs to be done and are asking the public for help. Reporter Mia Gordon has the details in the video that leads this article.

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