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B.C. has been in a fog standoff this week. When will it end?

Tuesday, January 25th 2022, 8:54 pm - Expect more widespread, foggy conditions this week for western sections of the Lower Mainland, with a high of just 3°C or 4°C. So, when will the fog finally lift?

If this was July, we'd be dealing with a heat wave, but the sun's angle is much too low this time of year as a limited amount of solar energy reaches the surface. So our upper ridge, paradoxically, produces ample fog at the surface.


The cool, dense air mass is quite comfortable at the surface, and it's pancaked in -- with that warmer air associated with the upper ridge.

This feature is razor-thin, and just a couple hundred metres thick; coarse computer models fail to resolve such a feature.


So this week, expect more widespread, foggy conditions for western sections of the Lower Mainland with a high of just 3°C or 4°C.

If you're able to clear out some: A high of 6°C or 7°C is possible.

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When does this fog standoff end?

Look for the ridge to shift east on Friday as an onshore flow and frontal system will mix out the inversion before a more traditional frontal system arrives by the weekend.

Watch the video from The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton to get more details on what's driving the recent foggy weather in B.C. and when it shall dissipate.

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