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Australian mouse plague descends on family home, starts fire

Wednesday, May 26th 2021, 4:23 pm - While nobody was hurt in the incident, the family has lost all of its possessions.

A swath of southeastern Australia has been contending with a mouse plague for months, following a combination of heavy rain, cooler temperatures, and a high crop yield.

The situation has become so dire that New South Wales (NSW) government has announced a relief package to the tune of $50 million, going to farmers that have lost thousands of dollars worth of crops and sustained equipment damage from the influx of rodents.

And now, the plague has stricken again, this time leaving a family of five and their two pets homeless.

According to a Go Fund Me page set up by a friend, mice descended on the home of the Ward family, chewing up the walls and munching on electrical wires on the roof. That sparked a large fire, burning the house to the ground.

ward family - go fund me A photo of the Ward family. (Go Fund Me)

Witnesses said they saw mice 'flying' off the roof in an attempt to escape the flames.

Thankfully, everyone was out of the house at the time, and a neighbour was able to retrieve the beloved family pets. But the home is now gone, along with cherished heirlooms, like family photo albums.

The Daily Mail reports the mice have been harassing the Ward home for some time, forcing the three young brothers - aged 12, 9, and 7 - to bunk together after one was bitten by a mouse while sleeping.

The rodents left, only to return two months later, this time causing significant damage.

ward family house fire The home sustained significant damage in the house fire. (Go Fund Me)

A national mouse report shows a large scale infestations in eastern portions of Australia, with moderate activity spreading into South Australia.

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