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Atlantic: A mostly pleasant end to the weekend, but wet weather looms

Sunday, April 5th 2020, 7:38 am - Sunday will be mostly pleasant across Atlantic Canada, but unsettled weather will return to parts of the region

Quiet and pleasant conditions continue across Atlantic Canada Sunday, with mild temperatures for much of the Maritimes. However, conditions won't stay that way for long as a cold front is headed to the region and will bring wet weather to New Brunswick and Labrador by the evening. Rain and mixing will reach Nova Scotia by Monday morning, but temperatures will remain slightly above seasonal before a cooldown Tuesday. We're also keeping an eye on potential messy systems for mid- and late-week. More details, and a look ahead, below.


  • Dry, mild Sunday, but conditions change in the evening with system moving into New Brunswick, Labrador
  • Rain/snow mix for Maritimes, light snow in Newfoundland through Monday
  • Chilly pattern returns Tuesday, possible messy systems mid- and late-week
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Most of Sunday will remain pleasant across the region, but a cold front will push into New Brunswick and Labrador in the evening hours. The front will reach Nova Scotia Monday morning, bringing light rain and some mixing.

Higher snowfall amounts are forecasted for Labrador, with 20-25 cm of snow through Tuesday. Much of Newfoundland will see 1-5 cm of snow with light sea-effect behind the front that will continue during the same time period.

Very little rain is expected for New Brunswick and parts of southwestern Nova Scotia, with amounts remaining at 5 mm or less through Tuesday.


Slightly above seasonal temperatures will dominate much of the region Sunday as daytime highs hit the upper single digits, even double digits, in the Maritimes. Newfoundland will remain slightly below seasonal but will trend milder for Monday.


Temperatures will remain pleasant Monday, with daytime highs remaining slightly above seasonal for most of Atlantic, but a cooldown is expected by Tuesday, dropping temperatures into the low single digits for many areas.


While Monday will still be mild for Maritimes, a much cooler pattern will return by Tuesday. Also watching the potential for a couple of significant messy systems for the region mid- and late-week. Confidence is much lower with the first system mid-week, but it is higher in a late-week clipper.


"A clipper tracks across much of Canada and then out to sea, intensifying over the ocean and then tracking into the region with a messy mix of precipitation and strong winds," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

A chilly pattern is again expected for next weekend and the following week.

Check back for more updates and details as we continue to monitor the forecast.

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