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Atlantic: Potent storm aftermath shifts to Newfoundland

Friday, February 7th 2020, 8:38 pm - Maritimers will wake up to a calm start to the weekend, but the storm that roared into the Atlantic region to close out the week won't quite be done with Newfoundland.

Though the effects of this latest storm will have cleared out of the Maritimes by Saturday morning, they'll hold on a little longer in Newfoundland. Region-wide, temperatures will take a bit of a nosedive as the system departs, and we're eyeing another system for early next week. What we know, here.


  • Snow continues for Newfoundland Saturday morning, abetted by sea-effect snow for western areas
  • Strong wind gusts continue for Newfoundland in the morning, ramping down
  • Keeping on another system that may track in for Monday
  • Stay up-to-date on the ALERTS in your area


The Maritimes will have largely seen the back of this strong system by Saturday morning, after it brought heavy snow to northern New Brunswick and several hours of freezing rain to much of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick's Fundy coast.

Newfoundland, however, will still be seeing some of the storm's effects on Saturday morning, mostly in the form of snow, though the heaviest amounts will be in the western part of the island, with sea-effect enhancement.

ATL Snow

Travel will still be very difficult, not only because of the snow, but because the departing system's winds will still be near their peak, gusting up to and possibly over 100 km/h in the early part of the morning, though declining during the day.

Temperatures will, meanwhile, drop off significantly. Parts of Nova Scotia will see a 8-13-degree drop on Saturday, dipping well below zero and will be colder than normal for this time of the year. St. John's will see a 10-degree difference on Sunday.

We're keeping a close eye on another system that is expected to track into the region Monday that could potentially bring 5-15 cm of snow to the region, with some rain possible in southern Nova Scotia. Regardless of the exact track and impacts, this active pattern will continue next week and for much of February.

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