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Avoid buildings that look like they're growing fur, or you're in for a fright

Tuesday, November 10th 2020, 3:39 pm - What you're looking at isn't soft or cuddly.

If you ever see a patch on a building, or a crack in a fence, or a section of road that looks like it's growing black fur, take our advice and keep a safe distance.

That's because it probably isn't fur, and it might be the farthest thing from soft and cuddly.

Check out these photos recently shared by the National Park Service, (NPS) featuring hundreds -- if not thousands -- of daddy long-leg arachnids clustering together in furry patches.

Daddy long-legs, also referred to as Harvestmen, like to clump together in moist, dark spaces. It's a survival tactic, the NPS says.

"Don’t worry, they are harmless and very cool creatures," the NPS says on Facebook.

"Why do Harvestmen clump together? Most think it's about safety in numbers. A group of harvestmen looks larger and scarier (are you scared?), so it can cause predators to think twice about disturbing them or having them as a meal." ⁣ They may be harmless .... but if we ever come across one of these patches, we're going to stay far, far away.

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