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New homeowner finds 100 rattlesnakes living underneath house

Friday, October 15th 2021, 1:45 pm - That's a lot of snakes.

A professional snake wrangler was recently called in to help deal with what's being called an "unheard of" occurrence, KGO reports.

A new homeowner in California contacted Al Wolf, director of the nonprofit Sonoma County Reptile Rescue, complaining of rattlesnakes under the house.

There are seven species of rattlesnake in California, all of which are venomous and therefore potentially dangerous.

Wolf tells KGO he's been removing rattlesnakes for 32 years and has been bitten 13 times.

At this point in his career, he thought he'd seen it all - that was until he pulled nearly 100 rattlesnakes out from underneath the building. There were snakes of all ages - and while that many in one spot is rare, Wolf said the drought is a likely contributing factor.

“The drought will cause them to go to areas where there’s water, looking for lizards and rodents,” he told KGO.

All of the reptiles will be released into a rural part of Sonoma County.

Thumbnail image stylized by Cheryl Santa Maria. Image source: Getty.

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