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Alberta's first tornado of the year recorded in Mossleigh

Wednesday, May 27th 2020, 4:56 pm - Canada’s first tornado of the year struck in British Columbia this May

Environment Canada has confirmed that Alberta has officially recorded its first tornado of the season.

A landspout was seen near Mossleigh around 10:06 am MDT on May 27 and several people were able to capture photos.

The landspout formed from a rain cloud that quickly developed and produced a landspout tornado.

A dust cloud was observed at the base of the funnel, however, Environment Canada has not yet received any reports of damage and have given the tornado a preliminary rating of EF-0.


Landspouts are a type of tornado but form differently than supercell tornadoes. Typically landspouts are not as destructive as supercell tornadoes, but they can still be dangerous and cause damage to trees, farms and property.

Landspout Tornado Difference

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