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Nepal was hit by another devastating flash flood, killing 12

Saturday, September 5th 2020, 3:30 pm - Nepal was just hit with a flash flood and landslide, leading to 12 deaths and dozens missing.

Nepal was just hit by its biggest monsoon-related flash flood and landslide of the season. This devastating flood occurred before sunrise, which adds complications and led to 12 deaths and at least 36 missing people.

The 2020 monsoon season in Nepal has destroyed communities. Monsoon season for Nepal is from June to September. Jaclyn Whittal, a video meteorologist for The Weather Network, was able to reach out to her friend Sukman Pakhrin, a resident of Bhaktapur, Nepal.

According to Pakhrin, when flash floods happen overnight, people can't leave their homes and end up getting killed or go missing. Also, most people don't have an evacuation plan during monsoon season, aside from those living in the "town centre."

A monsoon is a seasonal wind in South and Southeast Asia. The area has two monsoon seasons, the dry monsoon and the wet monsoon. The wet monsoon is when the wind blows from the southwest, running from May to September. During this time, high-pressure sets over the Indian Ocean and the wind bring water from the ocean to the land.

According to Reuters, there have been at least 287 monsoon-related deaths in Nepal this year, and at least another 114 people are missing.

Watch the video above see the powerful footage and hear what's going on in Nepal from local Nepali Sukman Pakhrin.

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