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WATCH: 80,000-year-old mastodon skeleton on display in Halifax

Saturday, October 23rd 2021, 6:11 pm - It's been 30 years since the bones, the most complete mastodon remains ever found in Nova Scotia, were unearthed deep within a gypsum mine.

It's not something that happens often to geologists – in fact, most will go their whole careers without ever experiencing it.

So "find of a lifetime" isn't a stretch when applied to the discovery that changed geologist Bob Grantham's career: a phone call from a worker at the National Gypsum Mine in Milford, N.S., alerting him that he'd apparently found a tusk and a set of very large teeth.

That was 30 years ago now, and Grantham remembers it vividly, telling Weather Network reporter Nathan Coleman that once he'd dashed down to the site, he barely waited for his truck to stop before leaping out and making a beeline for the find.

And what a find: an extremely well-preserved mastodon skeleton, the most complete ever found in Nova Scotia. Now, the bones are going on display as part of a new exhibit at Nova Scotia's Museum of Natural History.

Watch the full report from Nathan Coleman, above.

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